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Apple Streusel Cake

The beautiful tulips my husband brought me today… makes me happy to think about the Spring season coming! Saturdays will always seem like a good day to make a coffee cake to me, and this morning I had been thinking about how good a moist, streusel-topped apple cake sounded.  I had used the rest of

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The New Year and Making Yogurt…

Happy New Year to everyone! We have had a very busy Christmas season, but we have enjoyed all of it!  So many things to finish to wrap up the old year, and then even more things to do for the new year ahead.  We always seem to have more ideas than we have time in

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Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos

A dear friend and I have been talking about Starbucks, and generally how we can’t afford it. It is really true. Even if you can afford $4.00 for a cup of bean water and foamy milk, going too often is a rotten waste of money! This is of course coming from a Starbucks guru (we

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Granola is one of those recipes that’s been practically beaten to death, but it’s also one of the staples our family makes the most of. It kills me when I walk through the store looking at the assembly of prices of pre-made, frozen and boxed foods; most of them things that could be easily made

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Breakfast Shortbread

This is a yummy whole wheat shortbread. We use soft white wheat, not hard. Enjoy! Makes a 9″x13″ pan Chop 11 Tbsp. butter into a mixer. Add: 2 Tbsp. of baking powder 1 tsp. sea salt 3/4 c. sugar 1 cup of half-n-half beaten with 2 eggs Jog just to mix up and add: 5

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