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hexie tutorial

English Paper Piecing: Hexagon Flower Tutorial

Here is an easy English paper piecing hexagon flower tutorial. Making hexagons is very pretty and very versatile. Hexies, as they are known, can be put on many projects. I started learning about English paper piecing last fall, and I love it! There is not a simpler hand-sewing technique for quilt piecing and pretty applique

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Make a Quick Fabric Design Board

Make a Quick Fabric Design Board (Video)

I didn’t think I really needed a fabric design board. However, my sewing room said I did! I can’t fit two tables in the room, and while putting together our new Belle pattern, I had to move things to cut fabric, and then start over on the layout. Time is valuable, let’s make a design

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Easy Star Runner Quilt

Make an Easy Star Quilt Table Runner

Make an Easy Star Quilt Table Runner The Star Quilt Runner is a simple star piece that a beginner can try. Some quilting knowledge is helpful. The fabric theme is up to you! I made mine in the fall, so it has a fall theme. I’ll be happy to answer any questions in the comments!

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Playful Pumpkin Patch Quilting Challenge

Playful Pumpkin Patch Quilting Challenge!

Joyous Home’s community is now open. Any homemaker may participate by registering to join. To start off the community, we have a Playful Pumpkin Patch Quilt Challenge! See the details below. A quick rundown on the community:  You have to register, or update your old password to login. We have one chat group, Joyful Homemaking Chat. Chat

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Free Quilt Pattern and Videos – Fat Quarter Friendly!

Welcome!  Free Quilt Pattern Download Mini-quilts are a good place to start for a beginner in quilting. The Farmhouse Floral mini-quilt download is FREE digital quilt pattern for our newsletter subscribers.  Color ideas for fabrics can be played with on the blank diagrams included in our patterns.  All of the videos are FREE. There are

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Free Fall Charm Table Runner Pattern

Fall Charm Quilted Table Runner | A Free Pattern

A little something from my sewing table this fall… my Fall Charm quilted table runner. Isn’t that fun? I love all of the prints I used from Moda charm pack “Perfectly Seasoned” by Sandy Gervais. So fun with all of the purple and orange prints together! This Fall Charm quilted table runner was a very

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Slip Stitch

How to Slip Stitch Quilt Binding – the Right Way

To slip stitch a quilt binding the right way is very important if you want it to look neat and clean. I’ve been working on finishing a quilt this week. Slip stitching the binding was the last step, and I can finally hang the quilt on my little girl’s wall! How to Slip Stitch Quilt

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transform chocolate chips

Homemade Chocolate Chips for Ice Cream | Winnie the Pooh Quilt

We have officially arrived, it’s the hot summer season in Colorado – and it’s hot.  Today, I’m going to share something fun for all your cold, chocolately desserts – homemade chocolate chips for ice cream. I’ve seen a Nestle` brand of chocolate chunks in the store, but I’ve never seen the flat chips anywhere before.

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Old to New – Southern Belle Quilt Block

I received a wonderful gift from my mother-in-law. An unfinished Southern Belle quilt, plus a stack of already cut and basted Belles, made by my husband’s great aunt. Not a great picture here, I took it right from the box without ironing! The ideas are swirling. The quilt is queen-sized and needs batting, backing, and

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