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How to Sew a Zipper in a Dress Tutorial

How to Sew a Zipper on a Dress

While making dresses for our fall Seasons at Home tea, I decided to take pictures and explain how to sew in a zipper.  It doesn’t matter how many times I put a zipper in, I get confused each time, regardless of the instructions on the zipper pack. I bet that’s why you’re here too! So

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Quick and Easy Applique` Tutorial Using Your Sewing Machine

I love this quick and easy applique` using my sewing machine, I had to share! I’ve been working on some little projects for some carry-around stitching storage (honestly, I’ve got thread and little bits of projects all over the place!), pincushions, and needle books, so I’ll share an applique` tutorial from these projects. This is

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Girl's Simple Apron

Simple Girls Apron: For Your Little Baker

Simple girls apron, and we all think, “Is it really simple?” It was, and my little girls are happy with them! Christmas cookie time is here, and I have two very eager little cookie bakers who are so ready to bake this year! Even though this Christmas season is going by so fast already with travel

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Pintucks for Beginners - Video

Pintucks for Beginners

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve always admired little dresses with tiny little pintucks on them. Those little, almost magical, raised lines that give such an elegant, old-fashioned and charming look to the garment. Do you love the look of pintucks also? If so, this post, Pintucks for Beginners, is exactly what you need to

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Candlewicking Tutorial

Candlewicking Embroidery Tutorial

Video: Watch how to make the Colonial Knot  This embroidery tutorial was inspired by a technique called candlewicking. Candlewicking originates from the pioneer times of America, a time when women had very little access to varying fabrics and threads. Instead, they would use the twisted cotton wicks that were normally used for candle making. Candlewicking

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Knitting, First Real Attempt

I’ve always loved the look of knit verses crochet. I don’t know if it’s smoother or just more delicate in appearance, especially in baby garments, but my eye always catches a pretty knitted item. When my children were younger, I attempted knitting, but I’d end up with a child running off with my needles which

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Pilgrim Dresses in One Hour

Easy 1 hour Pilgrim Dress Up!

Do you ever feel like you missed doing a Thanksgiving project because of time? You still have time to make these quick, cute Pilgrim dresses! I wanted the girls to have a quick dress-up for Thanksgiving, so I thought up something quick. It’s not too late! I made two pilgrim dresses, with bonnets in about an hour. I

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Getting Ready for Baby | Easy-Sew Raggy Burp Cloths

My days are getting a little busier getting ready for our baby girl. At 30 weeks now, time feels like it’s moving faster on me. I have a feeling that labor is going to be upon me before I know what happened! Watching and feeling my tummy wiggle is a new fun activity for mommy

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How to Sew a Band on a Sleeve

Making dresses! Sometimes things are obvious, and sometimes patterns just assume you know a lot. This tutorial may be useful for someone who is having trouble putting a band on a sleeve where the directions don’t really tell you how to. This is usually done when you gather the bottom of the sleeve, and you

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Harvest Dress Up - Make an Indian Dress

Harvest Dress Up – Make an Indian Dress!

Try this easy project with your girls! They will have hours of fun playing dress-up! Harvest Dress Up, Make an Indian Dress was first featured in our Seasons at Home 2007 issue. These dresses are fairly fast to make and use pre-made t-shirts.  Harvest Dress Up – Make an Indian Dress! Supplies and Instructions for

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Embroidery Tutorial – Detached Chain/French Knot

I have flowers on my mind! Here is an embroidered detached chain – french knot combination flower. Again, all flowers look sweet in clusters, so think out and draw the vines first, then add in the flowers. I can see more detail and vines on this, but it a general idea of where to start.

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Handmade Christmas Ornament Mitten

Rag Mitten Christmas Ornament

We love making ornament traditions! This handmade Christmas ornament is great for leftover fabric. Try the the Rag Mitten Christmas Ornament.   Rag Mitten Ornament Supplies: Homespun or Flannel – Scraps will work, you’ll need a front and back fabricTemplate Shape – Trace a small mitten or draw onePerle Cotton #5 plus Chenille #20 needleButtons,

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Make a Girl’s Simple Prairie Bonnet

Our girls love hats. But buying these little prairie bonnets are pricey! Here is a fun homemade idea, easy to put together, and inexpensive! If your girls love the Little House on the Prairie Books, make the Girl’s Simple Prairie Bonnets! Make a Girls Simple Prairie Bonnet This bonnet can be used as a nightcap,

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Finished Dresses

The dresses I’ve been working on… Would anyone like a quick lesson on how to put lace on the bottom of dresses? I always used to hem. I don’t anymore.. I took some pictures and thought about posting a quick lesson. Nothing too fancy, very simple. I meant to show the back neckline which hangs

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Plackets Made Easy

Plackets are made easy in just a few steps. A placket is simply a strip of fabric for an opening in a garment that will be joined in some way – buttons, hooks etc. [clickToTweet tweet=”Plackets confused me terribly. I finally got it and now can easily make a placket for any garment.” quote=”Plackets confused me

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Inside the Smocked Sewing Case

Just a rough take of the inside of the sewing case. Still have some ends to tie up or sew up! This project will be in our spring issue. I’m playing with the camera; still trying to master the aperture and shutter! The embroidery is just french knots, chain stitches and straight stitches. Pretty. I

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Smocking Preview | Favorite Spelt Bread

Here’s a smocking preview of a project for Seasons at Home Magazine, and our favorite Spelt bread recipe. Isn’t smocking pretty? I love hand sewing. It only took me a couple days to do the smocking, and that’s with a lot of children! This project will be in the spring issue of Seasons at Home

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