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Sending Love Pattern - Digital Download

How to Hand Embroider on a Card

I’m not great at making pretty paper cards. Paper crafting isn’t really a gift of mine. But I like pretty cards! I decided to try embroidering cards, and found it’s not too hard, and definitely pretty. You can’t hand embroider quite the same as you would on fabric, so here’s how to hand embroider on

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Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies | Hugs and Kisses Valentine Embroidery

Soft frosted sugar cookies. Storytime and baby kisses. Coloring and playing outside. Lots of laundry and cooking comfort foods on cold days. Sneaking in sewing during the quiet times (which aren’t many!) Enjoying shopping days with grandma and aunts. Those are words that describe my days lately. So busy, but so sweet. It’s hard to

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A Pumpkin Find – Runner with Scraps

I was looking in my fabric cabinet and this brown paper wire was just sitting there, in the exact shape of a pumpkin. I just wanted to embroider that on something. How’s that for not having to think too hard about what to make. I thought it was a great time to pull out my

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Silk Ribbon Embroidery Plus Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to deliver sweet things to each other. Here are some sweet things to do! How about a lesson in silk ribbon embroidery? And you can’t sew without having some yummy cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, well, at least I think so. Silk Ribbon Embroidery Plus Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! Project

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Embroidery Stitches to Teach Your Girls

Have you seen our Embroidery Stitches to Teach Your Girls? We first shared this tutorial online back in 2102. I’m going to share it again, and hope you enjoy it! In 2009 I added this tutorial to an online conference we did. I’d like to share it on our blog for those who would like

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April – Embroidery Tutorial – Short/Long Stitch

You don’t need to know a lot of fancy stitches to make a pretty flower. These pretty flowers are great embellishers! The tops do not touch the stems, and they look great in clusters of different colors. We will make a simple flower using short/long stitches. The stitch this month is the short/long stitch but

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March Embroidery Stitch Lesson – Cast On Stitch

We have a March embroidery stitch lesson for you! Each month we will share a new stitch to encourage your work in embroidery. Some stitches will be advanced, others very beginner. Enjoy! Today, the stitch is the Cast On stitch. This stitch can be used a variety of ways, the most popular way is a

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Fleecy Tea Time Ornaments

Good morning everyone! Have you seen the subscriber special? Get some great gifts for subscribing! Fleecy Tea Time Ornaments   I love making ornaments out of fleece… they have such a fuzzy, homey look to them.  Not to mention how simple they are to make and they always come out so pretty!  This is a good

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Handmade Christmas Ornament Mitten

Rag Mitten Christmas Ornament

We love making ornament traditions! Sweet handmade ornaments are a joy for years to come. Leftover fabric is perfect to make the Rag Mitten Christmas Ornament. Grab your pretty stash of fabrics and let the kids make memories!   Rag Mitten Ornament Supplies: Homespun or Flannel – Scraps will work, you’ll need a front and

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