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My daughter, Jessica, and I have been working on homemaking delights together since 2004. We are wives, mothers, and friends! Jessica is a mother to 3 lovely little ladies, and Theresa is a mother to 5 boys and 5 girls. Our blog and magazines reflect everything we love about our homes.

We enjoy creating warm spaces for family and friends, creating wonderful food to share, and we can’t get enough of good old hand skills like quilting and sewing.

Our magazine is for the entire family.  First published in 2007, our issues contain homemaking ideas, recipes, crafts, homeschooling and even furniture making! The guys in your family will also find things to do together in our issues.  

You’ll find that Seasons at Home Magazine is a God honoring magazine. Inside is a variety of different topics that alternate from Titus 2 fellowship, sewing, whole grain baking and cooking, themed teas, homeschooling, sections for father/son by John Powers and more!

Because we are very visual learners, we spent time making sure we detailed our projects and every issue is filled with how-to photography, and patterns if applicable.

This is an all color, print publication. Seasons at Home Magazine is not digital. If you would like some digital homemaking publications, try our Joyous Home Journals! The content is completely different from our print magazines – this means we did not turn our print magazines into digital. You will get all new content.

Thank you for visiting!


 November 2012 – Jessica marries Joshua Schwisow

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