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We haven’t been blogging very faithfully these past two weeks, so I thought I would post a little update on what we have been doing. Our main activity has been getting ready for the CHEC Homeschool Convention in Denver on Thursday! We are very excited as this is our first year doing a booth for our business and magazine. Mom and I have been running about, making up all of the “homey” goodies we want to decorate the booth with, plus all of the other products we are taking with us. Needless to say, it’s going to be one packed booth! I keep finding things we can take with us..

Here’s a couple of things we have been working on this week~
We discovered that nice displays of any kind can be wickedly expensive. Amen Dad knows how to make our own! This is our cookie stamp display for the table. He made a couple of others for our magazines and cd’s.

We are also taking along the majority of our ribbon embroidery goods. I made up two little designs to sell with the ribbon. I had all of the instructions and how-to pictures printed out on nice little cards. I thought they came out rather pretty 🙂

And when preparing for the convention hasn’t kept us busy, the weather has. We’ve had tornadoes and storms almost everyday, nothing too serious, but they have provided some wonderful picture taking opportunities. Not to mention all of the rain has been wonderful! Our garden is enjoying it immensely

Two tornadoes came down yesterday behind our house, a good distance off, but close enough to see. Both stayed on the ground for about an hour, but I don’t think either did any damage.

Now I need to hop off here and get to the rest of my duties for the day! I might have a chance to get back on later to finish my homemade ice cream post 🙂

Have a very blessed day everyone! ~*~Jessica~*~

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  1. Theresa and Jessica

    LOL! Yes 😉 It's the only way I could get up over the houses!

    Thank you thank you on the ribbon embroidery =) Love ya! ~Jess

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