Our Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Best Carrot CakeBest Carrot CakeBest Carrot Cake

I made this carrot cake the other day for my Mother-in-law’s birthday. I was happy to do it, I love carrot cake! This was a great opportunity to make some to share, and some to save for later…


This is such a simple recipe – I tweaked this recipe from the one I made a bit for here – the first one I made seemed to have just a wee bit too much flour in it. And I decided it could have used more carrots and raisins. It was still good. Everything comes out yummy when it’s covered with a rich, fluffy cream cheese frosting.

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Best Carrot Cake FrostingBest Carrot Cake FrostingBest Carrot Cake Frosting

Happy cake baking!Jessica


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