March Embroidery Stitch Lesson – Cast On Stitch

We have a March embroidery stitch lesson for you! Each month we will share a new stitch to encourage your work in embroidery. Some stitches will be advanced, others very beginner. Enjoy!

Today, the stitch is the Cast On stitch. This stitch can be used a variety of ways, the most popular way is a bullion flower, but today, we’ll learn to make a simple leaf. This is a little more creative than just using a chain stitch for leaves!
This stitch is worked on top of the fabric.

1. Start by drawing a leaf. The stitch will not fill this fatter oval, it’s just a guide. Bring the needle up where you want the top of the leaf to be. Make sure you have enough thread, 14″, before starting.

2.  Bring the needle in at the bottom of the leaf, and come back in where you came up. Bring the thread under and around the needle…

3. Now, wrap around your finger, holding the bottom thread with your thumb, place your finger close to the needle, and cast on.

4. For a smaller leaf, cast on about 7 stitches.

5. Holding the stitches taut with your middle finger, push the needle through.

6. Pull slightly to the left, then pull down to straighten the leaf. This leaf can be turned slightly, or rounded a bit, it’s very versatile.

7. Now secure with stitch down through. All finished! Have fun!

Finished leaves on my current embroidery project.
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