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Make a Quick Fabric Design Board (Video)

I didn’t think I really needed a fabric design board. However, my sewing room said I did! I can’t fit two tables in the room, and while putting together our new Belle pattern, I had to move things to cut fabric, and then start over on the layout. Time is valuable, let’s make a design board.

Supplies to Make a Quick Fabric Design Board

Artist Canvas Board (Desired Size)

Quilt Batting – Enough to cover board, low loft or warm and natural

1/4 yd. fabric

Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks


Using an artist canvas gives the fabric design board a sturdy frame. I got these 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so it was a great deal.

Your fabric blocks now can be moved around the room, especially helpful if your sewing room doesn’t have mulitple tables.

A fabric design board is very helpful for quilt block or applique layout. You can lay out your blocks on the board, glue them to the background fabric, and move the board if needed to cut more fabric, or anything if needed. This board can also hang on the wall because it’s a frame, so that’s very convenient.

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Make a Quick Fabric Design Board


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