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We will soon be celebrating the blessing of freedom! I love seeing homes all pretty in patriotic colors.

However, we remember the cost of freedom – the toil, the bloodshed. Learn about the patriots, the men, and women who helped in the cause as a mighty God guided them.

I love looking for older books. Elbridge Brooks published many living books. Much older, living books teach values not taught in modern literature today.

In the online Fight for Freedom resources below, you can get very caught up exploring all the great sources! There are not a lot of pictures in this post, sorry if you operate on the visual better, but there are wonderful books. The list of ideas here is not exhaustive. Most are for older children. Have fun!

One of My FAVORITE resources for hands-on projects using their suggested reading lists is Homeschool in the Woods. This is the American Revolution Time Travelers CD. We are currently doing this one!

Reading List – Focus Author – Elbridge S. Brooks (1846-1902) – I’ve included used book links where possible. 

Century Book of the American Revolution
The True Story of George Washington – Available in audio format Uncle Rick Audio Book Club (below)
The Century Book for Young Americans
The True Story of Benjamin Franklin – Available in audio format Uncle Rick Audio Book Club (below)
The True Story of the United States of America


Crispus Attucks: Hero of the Boston Massacre (Anne Beier) Ages 9-12
The Declaration of Independence by Sam Fink
Books on Thomas Jefferson
George Washington – Spymaster


Francis Scott Key Printables
Independence Day Printables

Younger Readers:

Sybil’s Night Ride
Guns For General Washington
The 4th of July Story
The Matchlock Gun
Phoebe the Spy

Audio Books – Uncle Rick Audio Book Club – A wonderful source for audio books. Treasured stories from long ago!

Suggestions: Petticoat Warriors, The True Story of George Washington, Patrick Henry, America First Volumes 1 and 2, All in the Historical Fiction section. Many more selections. Book Club is $10 a month – 2 audio selections a month. $30 Value.

Character Concepts has a great curriculum for 4th-6th graders. We have used the Fight for Freedom book bundle.

Write or Draw:

Venn Diagram – Did you know some of the same men signed both the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence? Draw two large circles that overlap and leave a middle section to write in. Label one Constitution and one Declaration. Do some research and list the men that signed each document. If they signed both, list them in the middle area.

Make a Poster: Look at this poster. Posters were a popular way to communicate during the Revolution. Can you make your own?

(Love Homeschool in the Woods American Revolution CD which covers all of this!)

Sugar Act (1784)
Currency Act (1764)
Stamp Act (1765)
Townshend Acts (1767)
Tea Act (1773)
Intolerable Acts (1774)

Answer this question:
Who was Noah Webster and why was he important? What did he accomplish?
Noah Webster and His Words Fun book to read aloud.


Paul Revere’s Ride
Boston Massacre – Documents – Slightly Graphic, it was a massacre – 12+
Boston Tea Party – Participants and other great documents to read
National Archives – Treasure – Fun to explore
The Papers of George Washington – Documents, correspondence, very interesting! Check out the map section!
Guide to the Revolutionary War

A Few More Fun Sites – Crafty

Free 4th of July Learning Pack – Younger children, Printables
Hats and Sparklers – Crafts!
Lots of learning links for July 4th – Crafts, Printables, and Activities
Another List of books!
An Easy Patriot Cookie

God Bless the freedom given, may we use every ounce for his glorification!

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