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This week we are giving away a brand new, hardback copy of one of our favorite treasuries! Beatrix Potter – The Complete Tales. My copy has been on my shelf for over 11 years and will always be a keeper.


The stories are delightful and gently remind the children of what good and bad character traits are.

They have their very favorites – The Story of Squirrel Nutkin – the story of a naughty squirrel that gets his punishment for being annoying rather than diligent – and a selfish little rabbit who takes without asking and gets his due reward from a hunter in The Fierce Bad Rabbit.


“Twinkleberry and six other little squirrels each carried a fat minnow; but Nutkin, who had no nice manners, brought no present at all. He ran in front, singing—

“The man in the wilderness said to me,
‘How many strawberries grow in the sea?’
I answered him as I thought good—
‘As many red herrings as grow in the wood.'”

But old Mr. Brown took no interest in riddles—not even when the answer was provided for him.”

Naughty Squirrel Nutkin!

Enjoyable to the end, your children will love listening to you read out loud, especially if you can ‘do voices’. 🙂

Enter below!

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