Christmas Ornaments

We have been busy this week doing things for Christmas! We have a few special traditions that we do every year, one of them is exchanging ornaments with each other. We have done this for a few years now, so our tree is looking very full! Each name is written on a piece of paper and put in a bowl. Each child draws a name, and that’s the person he or she gives an ornament to.

Every year we pull out the boxes of Christmas goodies and rummage through our ever growing collection of memories. It’s funny to see how much all of them can remember about certain ornaments. Even five year old Jadon can remember which ornament he gave to me last year! Yesterday, we made some “hand” ornaments with the kids.

We have done these before, but there are a few more children in the brood now! So, all of the younger littles got their hands done. The last time we did these, we did them on paper with paint, and stamped their hands on to the paper, with a little verse written next to them. We then had the paper laminated to keep it from tearing. On the back we always write who’s hand it is, and their age.

This time we traced their hands on pieces of felt, cut them out and then glued them on to another piece of felt. So simple, but they will always love to see year after year how big their hands have gotten!

We are in the middle of making some quilted ornaments, check back this week to see what we did! What Christmas traditions does your family have? Leave a comment and tell us!


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Theresa and Jessica
15 years ago

Hi Karen! They are simple aren’t they! I love looking at the tree seeing the small hand of my now 13 year old.. precious.
Blessings, Theresa