The Good Life Mini-Quilt Videos

#2 The Good Life Mini-Quilt Videos

A Good Life Mini-Quilt

I like the GoodLife pattern for a little table runner – think seasonal fabric! Use the PDF instructions as a guide to the videos. The instructions contain the measurements for blocks and steps to the videos. Join the forum to meet members and ask questions. You can play and pause more than one video at a time if needed. 

If I felt the need to repeat Core Videos for reference, I will also list them on this page.

In making a grid, you line up the ruler on the seam line. I may have said this in another video, but want to make sure that was understood here. It was new for me, I’m sure I have to improve my technique :)! 


Join the forums to ask questions or meet new friends!


Other relevant videos are on the Core Video page.

Download the FarmHouse Floral, our first pattern, (subscriber freebie), and the Sweet Prairie patternFarmHouse videos are here, and Sweet Prairie Videos are here.

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