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Brioche Roll and Bread Recipe

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This recipe comes from several brioche recipes I had collected and combined. The way the ingredients are added is rather odd but it works perfectly. 

In this bread recipe, the ingredients are added differently, and it comes out perfect. Some tips... The dough is half-mixed when you add the eggs, so don't beat on high or you'll have egg spurting from the lid. Mix everything gently in the order stated and I think you'll be very happy with this recipe. If you have any questions just post. I've been making bread a long time and can probably help you troubleshoot it.

I do have a whole wheat bread-making tutorial on the blog - the tricky part of this recipe is adding the flour, so scroll down to the adding the flour part to get some ideas on when it's enough. 

Here's brioche bread recipe to download: (must be a forum member to download) Love Kiss  

Post your pics if you make them!


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