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Make 1800’s Shortbread

1800s shortbread

Years ago, (not in the 1800’s), I started to collect recipes out of old magazines. My little ones accidentally threw out all my pasted papers except for a few. This is one of the recipes I found – Make 1800’s Shortbread! This shortbread is the easiest recipe in the world to make, it melts in your mouth and only has 3 ingredients. The hardest part of the whole recipe was working the butter and flour into a nice dough. It just takes a little squeezing together and patience. I wouldn’t let your mixer run until it forms the dough as you may get a tougher shortbread.

Make 1800’s Shortbread

3 Ingredients – 1800’s Shortbread – Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

2 1/4 c. unbleached flour
1/3 c. granulated sugar
1 c. unsalted butter – semi-softened
(I added a tiny pinch of pink sea salt)

You can memorize this, and share it with family and friends without ever getting a recipe card out. The ingredients are so easy!

shortbread ingredients

Pulse the sugar and flour together in your mixer.

Now add the butter and mix briefly until you have a crumbly shortbread mix.

Crumbly Shortbread

Now for the fun. Using your hands, work the shortbread dough together. Just continue to squeeze the dough together until a ball forms. Again, I wouldn’t use a mixer to do this.

Get out your pretty shortbread pan. I bought mine from Brown Bag Designs, which I can no longer find!

perfect shortbread dough

Press the shortbread into your pan. If you use a regular glass dish, do not grease it.

press shortbread

Bake for 25-32 minutes, checking for brown edges. The shortbread is done when the center is set.

shortbread pan, cut shortbread

To turn it out of your pan, cool, and take a knife carefully around the edges. Place a serving plate over your pan, holding the two together and gently give a tap.

Isn’t that a pretty site? Beautiful! This shortbread is delicious!  Mine came out perfect.

Have fun and make this 1800’s shortbread soon! It’s fast, easy and pleases any occasion.

Theresa Powers - Joyous Home

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  1. Kaylen

    Is the butter softened or cold?

    1. Theresa

      Hi Kaylen, Just semi-softened. I’ll update the recipe too, thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. Kathi

    Amazon has the Brown Bag shortbread pans.
    Brown Bag Design Alpine Flower Shortbread Cookie Pan, 11-Inch by 8-1/2-Inch {link removed}

    1. Theresa

      Thanks for the comment Kathi!

      1. Kathi

        You’re welcome! Thank you for the recipe!

  3. Elaine

    Do you poke holes in to the dough after it is pressed in the mold? My mum always. Had me poke holes with a fork, and we used a metal pan. But I have a Longaberger stone mold I inherited, and I thought I would try it.

    1. Theresa

      Hi Elaine!
      I haven’t done it with my pan. It could help with the moisture, but these came out pretty nice without the holes! You could give it a try for sure, hope it turns out yummy for you! Blessings, Theresa

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