Easy Pumpkin Paper Chains

Pumpkin Paper Chain

Easy Pumpkin Paper Chains!

Paper chains are an old-fashioned, easy craft and make pretty fall decor for any room. Children love making paper chains, and pumpkin paper chains are the easiest to make!
Do a whole room of fun fall paper chains by finding different pictures such as acorns, trees, or turkeys. You could also trace fall cookie cutters! 

Easy Pumpkin Paper Chains

1. Cut a full-size sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise. Cut out a shape, pumpkin, leaf, etc.

2. Lay the pumpkin shape on the edge of the tissue paper and mark the width of the shape with a light pencil mark.

3. Accordion fold the tissue paper the width of the pumpkin shape. Lay the shape on the folded tissue paper, and cut around the top and bottom of the shape, leaving the sides connected (important for your chain to connect!)

4. Unfold your chain! Make a long chain by connecting several chains with scotch tape.

Wasn’t that quick? It’s a little addicting finding new fall shapes once you get started. Have a fun fall paper chain day!

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