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Peach and Hot Pepper Jam in Jars

Peach and Hot Pepper Jam

Here is a Joyous Home fall jam favorite! In late August you can find Palisade Peaches everywhere, and boy are they tasty. This peach and hot pepper jam is great comfort food to have in the pantry. Start the water in the canner to boil. Meantime, start the jam mixture. Put the peaches, peppers, vinegar …

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Santa Lucia Story

Ornament Traditions

Ornament sharing is one of the best traditions we have started in our family. I love ornaments. Years ago, we were invited to a friend’s home for Christmas. Their children were well grown with families of their own. Upon seeing her tree, I was fascinated!  I didn’t know any of their children, but you could …

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White Christmas Ribbon Tree Ornament

Christmas Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Ornament sharing is one of the best traditions we have started in our family. All kinds of handmade ornaments can lend to comfort and blessed conversation in later years. One of the pretty ornaments Jessica made was with ribbon. Here’s how to make Christmas Ribbon Tree Ornaments. Supplies for Christmas Ribbon Trees Makes One 16″ …

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Quick Hot Chocolate Cups

Because the days are still cold, we are still mixing up hot drinks. Quick hot chocolate cups are not difficult to prepare and deliver the quickest, sweetest food gift ever. Your friends are going to wonder why they didn’t think of doing this! The Difference Between Cocoa and Chocolate I had never really wondered if …

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Make Appetizer Puff Pastry

Easy Homemade Puff Pastry

I love making little appetizers with puff pastry. Puff pastry can be made with very few ingredients, and it’s delicious! I’ve always used the store-bought puff pastry sheets, but making it is very easy! This easy homemade puff pastry can be made beforehand which is super convenient for your next party. Only Four Ingredients for …

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Homemade Homemade Buttery Whole Wheat Pancakes

Buttery Whole Wheat Pancakes

This pancake recipe is sure to become a favorite – Buttery Whole Wheat Pancakes will be a loved recipe for your family’s breakfast. It can be adapted to add your favorite spices – think pumpkin in the fall and Speculaas at Christmas. Or how about a little buttermilk in place of regular milk? I use freshly …

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The Best Hamburger Soup

Hamburger Soup

Here’s a winter comfort soup that’s easy to make, super delicious, and doesn’t require a lot of special techniques. This hamburger soup is rich and gets tastier when made early in the day to simmer, which is a great plus for our busy family. Hamburger Soup This recipe is for a large family, but it …

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Character Matters

Character Matters

Character Matters When we started having children it wasn’t hard to keep track of undesirable behavior in one or two of them. As more children came along, we realized it was getting harder to keep track of each and every issue that could potentially produce bad character traits. We can plead, promise, talk or yell, …

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Making of a Nativity

The Making of a Nativity

The year has flown by, and we all know 2020 was an ‘interrupted’ year. We have had to work harder this year than usual to keep our children encouraged. They’ve been fearful, sad, and uncertain at times. We finally decided to quit talking about the news, quit watching the news, and dwell. I’m referring to …

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Old Virginia Gingerbread Cookies

Old Virginia Gingerbread Cookies are adapted from the many recipes that I came across when I lived in Colonial Williamsburg. Some ingredients in these recipes are interesting, but I wanted easy, and I wanted to use butter. Simply searching out what ingredient does what helped me make a recipe that turned out spicy and easy …

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Russian Tea Cakes Sprinkled with Powered Sugar

Russian Tea Cakes Recipe

This is probably one of our favorite Christmas cookies. Russian Tea Cakes is a traditional cookie recipe in most homes, and we’ve made them every year for as long as I can remember. Russian Tea Cakes In my house growing up, among the other Christmas cookies at the table, there was always a tin of …

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A Simple Banana Bread Recipe

A Simple Banana Bread Recipe

I made the best, simple banana bread recipe for breakfast this morning. This is one of our favorite recipes, and it hasn’t changed much from the hand-me-down directions from when I was little. You can add more bananas if they are small – just make sure they are very ripe, and mash the bananas until …

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