Finished Dresses

  • Post last modified:March 5, 2009
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The dresses I’ve been working on…

Would anyone like a quick lesson on how to put lace on the bottom of dresses? I always used to hem. I don’t anymore.. I took some pictures and thought about posting a quick lesson.

Nothing too fancy, very simple. I meant to show the back neckline which hangs lower. They have pretty pearl buttons on the back.

Blessings, Theresa

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15 years ago

Lovely dresses, I need to start bring out my material and sew up some dresses for my youngest daughter and some skirts for my 2 older ones. 🙂

Theresa and Jessica
15 years ago

Hi! Well, I would prefer not to mention the pattern this time : ) Only because I altered it just a bit for my own purpose of ease to make. I didn’t think it would be fair to the creater to mention it because I know it doesn’t look the same. I will certainly post on how to do lace, I took the photos, just need to get it in!