Free Book Friday | Write from History & The Oxcart Man

Welcome back to Free Book Friday! The break was nice, but we are excited to get the giveaway kicked off again with these great books!
(This Giveaway is over)


About Write from History

“The Write from History series is an elementary writing curriculum designed to teach students to write via the Charlotte Mason Method, using narration, copywork, and studied dictation. As the author of this series, I designed these books for my children, and have successfully used them with all four of them. Our experience is that these books provide children with a gentle yet effective method to study writing and learn the skill from the some of the most talented authors throughout history.” Kimberly Garcia

She has some wonderful samples, you can even grab her free proofreading checklist while visiting! We have used dictation and copywork for years in our homeschool. I’m always for studied dictation, as it makes an efficient and simple way to accomplish two tasks. Dictating from studied material is much richer than dictating a paragraph from a book your child hasn’t even read yet. Give it a try!

Bonus From Joyous Home!
The Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall

This is one of our absolute favorite books as a family. It shows how one family earns their year of living in a very simple pattern. They create from their resources, they sell their lot, and start again. You might find yourself reading it again and again. This is truly our idea of leading a quiet life and working with your hands. Inspiring!

oxcart oxcart2


There will be one winner for the giveaway. You will be contacted by Brookdale House so you can discuss and receive your desired level of Write from History. What an opportunity!


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