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Pockets - Small Change

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For the pockets - I decided to layer it with another piece of lining, (3 pieces total now) so the inside pocket would be free of hemming and threads. If you want to put your pockets together before the next video:

Make sure your pockets are trimmed and the same size as the cutout from the top part of the template apron as I've shown you in the video.

Hem the tops of each piece, 1/4" under. Place the lining and main fabric together. Lay the next piece of lining on top of the main fabric, right sides together (if there is a RS). 

Sew from the sides, all the way around to the other side, 1/4" seam. Clip corners and seams. Pull right side out, using a seam tool, smooth out the seams, starch, and press. The pocket is ready to have the applique attached, and be sewn to the front.

It was too dark to take pictures tonight, and a video with the lining and pockets is coming!

Posted : October 24, 2020 7:34 pm