My Yard, My Garden

I’m gardening this year. We haven’t had a garden in two years due to moving, and boy did we miss it! I’ve had a garden every year since 2000. I couldn’t imagine even a year without a garden! I don’t just plant flowers, but vegetables and fruit first.

My Yard, My Garden

Because this was a new build, my yard is dry and not landscaped (yet). We moved into our house in late summer and knew if we didn’t plan my gardens then, we wouldn’t have dirt fit to use in the spring.

My yard is fairly empty, except my gardens! Trampoline excepted. Food from the ground first. Grass is pretty, but it won’t supplement my kitchen stores. Each of my gardens are around 300 sqft. That’s my granddaughter on our trampoline – information that is irrelevant to a garden, but lovely.


Here is an almost gone piece of box I found deep under while digging.


In Colorado, the dirt is hard. We made use of our moving boxes and sheet composted the ground in the fall. Those boxes make an excellent start to amending the soil.

We have been tending to aging grandparents in Florida. I didn’t have time to plant from seed. I found organic plants from Sarah Starts – EXCELLENT plants, I’m not kidding. I was worried about these coming in a box! I was so happy when they arrived. They were gorgeous, green, and ready to plant.


Totally healthy – green and gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to order your vegetable plants.


We tilled up the gardens and dug in. Sani dressed up for the occasion, silver blingy shoes, lovely. Children LOVE to plant gardens. We plant at dusk, because it’s too hot during the day.


We planted vegetables and fruits that included red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatillos, jalapenos, Napa cabbage, green peppers, beans, and watermelon. We’ve had one hail storm, and a lot of praying for no more until we can cover these gardens.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The first person to comment and identify all the fruits in this post, gets a copy of Seasons at Home Magazine. (U.S.)” quote=”The first person to comment and identify all the fruits in this post, gets a copy of Seasons at Home Magazine. (U.S.)” theme=”style1″]


White capris probably aren’t the best for gardening, but it was Sunday, and I didn’t care. 🙂 You can see bigger pieces of our boxes that were tilled up. No worries, the mulch is coming, they’ll break down.


Husbands love to dig trenches for gardens. You can tell by his smile 🙂


Tomato, tomatillos, celery, beans, etc. I love how cedar mulch smells and looks in my garden!


Pumpkins, green peppers, zucchini and more beans to the back. I’m doing A/B testing on the gardens with pumpkins and beans. This side is winning.


Is this SO pretty? I’ve never grown celery before! So that’s where it comes up. I look at those leaves like I look at a turkey for Thanksgiving. They produce excellent flavor in stuffing, and are the most expensive part of the celery, so I’m told.


I can wait until I see our harvest coming in!
My pretty flowers, soon to be in baskets or my flower garden.

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Happy Gardening!

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