This shipping policy applies to both of our sites: Joyous Home, and Beans and Stitches. Please read the FAQ on our conferences if applicable.  Please read below on international shipping. Also, see our privacy statement. All statements are acknowledging of terms of use.

Customer Service is the MOST important part of our business! We are happy to spend time with you by phone or email answering questions before you purchase with us. We want our customers happy, so please read our policies.

Digital Content and Memberships

We do not readily offer refunds on digital content. If you are unsure about a digital item and have questions, we will do our best to answer any questions. We hope that previews and free samples will help you make a decision before purchasing. Email me here if you have any pre-sale questions on digital items or if you are unhappy with your digital content purchase.

Physical Product Shipping Policy

Do you ship international orders?

(Update 2023 – We are currently not shipping physical products out of the country. We hope to do this again soon.)
We ship our magazines and some products internationally. If USPS determines significantly higher amounts than what is on the shipping estimate, we will email for the additional shipping. If we don’t hear back within 5 days, the order will be canceled. Thank you for understanding.

How is the item shipped?

USPS. If there is an unusual delay, you will be notified. We do not estimate the date of arrival. Your order will be marked as ‘shipped’ on the site status. If there is a tracking number, it is usually sent automatically.

Insurance:  If you would like the order to be insured, you must email us so we can quote you insurance. We can collect the insurance money via PayPal.

Orders ship within 7-10 business days of placing the order.

In most cases, we will get the orders out sooner, but being a small family business, and homeschooling family, please allow us this much time.

Free shipping does not apply to clearance items, Canada, AK, HI, and International orders.  If you have trouble ordering out of the country, please email me with your order.

Free Shipping is to the lower 48 states. Some books can be sent first class at a much lower rate than a priority. The buyer assumes all responsibility for determining the suitability of all products sold by Joyous Home/Ripe For Harvest for their specific use. Shipping damages must be reported within 48 hours.

What if I forgot to send my change of address for the magazine?

We are not obligated to send out two magazines. Magazines are not forwarded by the postal service. We may ask for you to pay for the second magazine we need to ship out.

What are the clearance item policies?

All clearance items are subject to the same policies. Because of the deep discount given, they may not be returned. Prices are not negotiable. We make sure our clearance items are in very good condition and will make notes on how they got to clearance! If they are less than very good we will list their condition, ie..scratched, etc. Items have full warranties starting from the date of purchase for the new owner unless otherwise stated. We do not give free shipping on clearance items. Full support is given on all clearance items. If the product is over $150.00 the shipping charge will be added to your order after it is processed, even though the system will calculate free shipping. Shipping charges are above.

Address Changes:

Address changes can be made to your account. If you email us your address changes, we will respond with a “Thank You!”  If you don’t receive a response, please email again. We are not responsible for items sent to an incorrect address if notification is not made before the product ships.

Incorrect Prices on site:

You may be looking at a sale page and decide to save it and the sale ends.  Please do not save our sale pages, always come to the site and refresh it so you can have current information.

What is your return policy?

We truly want our customers to be happy. We will spend as much time as needed with you on any purchase, we answer all emails, and will spend time helping you decide on your purchase.

Therefore: We will accept a return on the wrong item sent. In most cases, all sales are final; you cannot return an item simply because you changed your mind. We are also flexible in some cases, so please email us if you are not happy with an item. (Clearance items and media; books, DVDs, ebooks, magazines: once the order is placed for any of these, the order is not refundable, unless we have not charged and sent the item yet.)

Is there a restocking fee?

No, because sales are final. But if an item needs to be restocked the restocking fee is 15% with a minimum of $10.00 for any returns. Please understand we are a small business and much time and attention are spent on each customer’s order. These fees cover charges we have incurred processing the order.

Is shipping covered on a return?

We will cover shipping only if we made a mistake by sending the wrong item or if we forget an item. Shipping for normal returns is not covered. Insurance is also the responsibility of the purchaser.

What if I change my mind?

Refused deliveries or cancellations after the item has been shipped unfortunately will not be refunded.

Privacy Policy and Condition of Use

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