Month: February 2009

Plackets Made Easy

Plackets are made easy in just a few steps. A placket is simply a strip of fabric for an opening in a garment that will be joined in some way – buttons, hooks etc. [clickToTweet tweet=”Plackets confused me terribly. I finally got it and now can easily make a placket for any garment.” quote=”Plackets confused me …

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Love Covers All

Yesterday one of the verses that was given was Proverbs 10:12. I am a KJV lady all the way, it can be a challenge to read at times, but Lord willing (and I think He is), God will continue to help me understand it. I wanted to compare the versions of this verse because it …

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Mini Pizzas

For many years, Friday night has been the night we make pizza. We have hardly tarried from this tradition for as long as I can remember. However, sometimes we just feel like having pizza twice for the week. I made these last week for lunch. Yummy! Very easy.. you shouldn’t need directions once you get …

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