Thanksgiving and Christmas Radio Shows!

Thanksgiving and Christmas Radio Shows!

Welcome to our yearly old-time radio shows! We love putting out fun listening material this time of year.

These are MP3s, and you can save them to your computer by right-clicking the link if the link is available for download. Some of the stories are just links for listening.

Each year I take my time to pick new ones and some old ones! They are between 15 minutes and 1 hour long.

They are fun to listen to this time of year while wrapping presents or keeping the children busy while you bake. This page will expire when our show schedule ends, and you’ll need to tune in next year as we only share these links once a year!
Thanksgiving stories run 11/25 – 11/29/2020. Christmas stories schedule will be announced soon after!

Right click to save to your device 🙂

Holiday Radio Shows

The Lone Ranger – A Present for Janey 12/18/2020

The Christmas Chapter from the Pickwick Papers 12/05/2020

Pinocchio 12/2/2020

Father Knows Best: Hans Christian Anderson 11/28/2020

Tisquantum: Strange Friend of the Pilgrims 11/27/2020

Red Ryder! Indians on the Warpath! 11/26/2020