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Learn to Quilt
Pattern Guides & Quilting Notebook for Free Videos!

Using Mini-Quilts - For Beginners and Beyond

By Joyous Home

Welcome! Let's Quilt!
Ages 11 -Adult

Would you like to learn how to quilt? Would you like to learn the basics in one area with a few patterns relevant to the lessons without internet hopping? Would you like short videos to help?

Learn to Quilt - A Video Quilting Course: All videos are now available to the public. All pattern guides and our Quilting Notebook can be purchased here for $24.95, and includes all three mini-quilt guides, over 30 pages of instructions, notes and diagrams.

In rating an age for this course, I believe an ambitious 11 year-old, with help from mom, could complete it. Please don't hold me to that! Children are different. However, this course is not just limited to beginners. You may just want to be part of a group forum for quilting and ideas.  

The guides are perfect for those who need self-paced material in one place. You'll have unlimited access to the videos for as long as they are available. You can come back and refresh on videos whenever needed. 

I share everything you need in the guides to get started and keep going. Scroll down for purchase content.

Happy Quilting,

Theresa Powers Joyous Home

Mini-Quilts | The Course Base

We chose mini-quilts for their super cuteness and compact learning opportunity. We don't want a quilt to drag on when you're first learning how to quilt. We also don't want you to give up, but rather be inspired to go bigger! 

The lessons are detailed, and hold basic techniques. The quilts are no wider or longer than 23" and the videos are no longer than 11 minutes.

Fabric (not included) is your choice. You can make these cute mini's for any season. I give my favorite online stores in the quilting notebook to purchase supplies and fabric. 

The Mini-Quilts - Pick Your Fat Quarters and Go!

Learn to Quilt Video Course by Joyous Home
Learn to Quilt Video Course by Joyous Home
Learn to Quilt Video Course by Joyous Home

Included in the Pattern Purchase:

Learn to Quilt Course by Joyous Home

Unlimited Access!

PLUS Fast, personal support if you purchase the pattern guides!

  • Instruction Pattern Guides - The guides contain instructions, measurements for cutting blocks, references to the relevant videos, along with added notes if needed. Colored and blank diagrams, color/count patch, and layout/cutting diagrams are included.
  • 3 Pattern Guides/ 7-10 pages each.
  • 31 Videos! Core Video Lessons- OPEN to publicTechniques used in all basic quilting, start to finish.  Quilt Specific Videos - Includes all videos relevant to each quilt.
  • Our Basic Quilting Notebook (printable) includes beginner quilting terms,  supply list, page for notes, fat quarter charts and our favorite resource page. 

GREAT BONUSES Included below!

Video Course Titles - Unlimited Access  

Open to public! | Access These Videos Free |

Core Videos

  1. Supplies Overview - FREE
  2. Fabric Talk 
  3. Cutting Your Fabric
  4. Chain Stitching
  5. Pressing and Pinning
  6. Sewing Seams and Points
  7. Fixing Mistakes
  8. Stippling/Free Motion
  9. Layering and Pinning
  10. Stitch in the Ditch
  11. Squaring to Bind
  12. Make Your Binding
  13. Binding - One
  14. Binding - Two
  15. Slip Stitching Binding

Quilt Specific Videos

  1. Pinwheel Block
  2. Sewing Triangles
  3. Finish Pinwheel
  4. Add Sashing - One
  5. Add Sashing - Two
  6. Corner Blocks
  7. Side Sashing - One
  8. Side Sashing - Two
  9. Good Life Diagrams
  10. Sub Cut Triangles
  11. Criss-Cross Block
  12. Sewing Rows
  13. Adding Borders
  14. Make a Grid
  15. Sweet Prairie Layout
  16. Sweet Prairie Row Construction

Companion Guides, Diagrams, Quilting Notebook

  • The 3 Mini-Quilt Patterns With Instruction Companion Guides and Diagrams
  • Unique Basic Quilting Notebook - Quilting Terms, Fat Quarter Charts (future use!) Supply List, Notepage (copy as needed), Resource Links
  • Immediate Access to Private Member Support Forum and Personal Support for pattern customers

BONUSES with Pattern Purchase! 

*Bonuses are available for pattern purchasers only, and at the time of sign up! Bonuses can change.

Easy Doll Quilt

Make a doll quilt! Complete lesson in block construction - can use the Core Videos!

Our videos were put together with beginners in mind. However, even those who know the basics will enjoy making these adorable quilts! The videos correlate with the pattern guides. You may find the videos are also helpful in your other projects to learn a technique.


Along with our videos you can join our forum and find friends! I've always liked the idea of a private group without constrictive rules and games. We formed a private forum for the members of the course. We also have a public forum alongside it if you love homemaking and want to find homemaking friends!

It will take time to find the crowd my forums will serve. The major social platform for groups available is just too distracting for me. I hope you find the forums a safe haven for finding like-minded homemakers. To participate, you need to sign up.

Upon purchase, you'll receive an email with your pattern downloads.

You'll use the The Instruction Companion Guides for each mini-quilt in order. The guides contain measurements, cutting and layout diagrams, and instructions referencing each video that will help you complete your quilts. 

Read the guides over first, watching the videos as suggested. Print out your Basic Quilting Notebook, and don't forget to say hello in the forums!

Ready to Quilt?

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